Saturday, May 18, 2019

Cherokee Lakes Campground - EVACUATE

So we continued our travels to the St. Louis area.  There are very few campgrounds in the St. Louis area.  The campground was remodeling the women's restroom/showers.  Men's area looked great.

We were only there 3 nights, when we were informed that we needed to evacuate the campground.  The river  had risen and was beginning  to seep over, and that the levy was leaking in spots.  
Campground  after evacuation.  Empty.

So we packed up, texted my sister that we were on our way to her house and parked the trailer in her driveway.

So while at sister's we worked on the pantry drawer installation.

I glued the drawers together.

David installed them.  Great job!

Bought a new rug.  Ollie was testing it out.

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