Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Bathroom Sky Light Hack

We have owned travel trailers and a class A motor home. All have had a skylight in the bathroom.  I have always found this area to be hotter than any other area of the RV. So I was watching ASreaminLife on YouTube.  On this specific video Courtney was packing the Airstream up when she got to a skylight and snapped a cover over the skylight.  I thought that was really smart of Airstream, and why couldn't I do the same.
I had reupholstered the seats in our pontoon last year and still had some of the marine grade vinyl left.  I measured the plastic facing around the skylight added 1" for my seam fold-over and went got my vinyl and drew my different measurements on the vinyl.  Once I got it cut out, I folded over the 1" and stitched it with my sewing machine.
I was ready to put snaps up in the plastic facing, as I stood there looking at the skylight and knowing we had two days before we left for our epic journey to Alaska, I chickened out.
What if I broke the plastic facing that would be something we would have to repair while on the rode or I cracked the skylight.  There were going to be other things that would need repairing and that was diffidently not going to be one of them!  So, I went to my all time favorite things "Command Strips".  Got the heavy duty strips that would hold 16 lbs.  Put them on the plastic facing and then pushed the vinyl cover up onto them.  And there you have it.

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